About us

AV Magazine is a breeze of analogue air in a digital world. We believe that analogue photography is still state-of-the-art, it has been so ever since J.N. Niépce, L.J. Daguerre and W.H. Talbot, the three fathers of photography, started encapsulating moments on silver plates back in the XVIII century.Consequently, 178 years later, we are here in order to stand for a kind of art that is extremely different to its youngest sister: digital photography. 


We believe in the process of analogue photography, we believe in unique snapshots for unique moments, we believe in the delicious uncertainty a photographer feels when shooting on film, we believe in a tradition that gave birth to other kinds of art, expression and, thus, cultural movements, we believe in film photographers and we believe in film photography lovers. Due to all these strong beliefs, we are here to demonstrate that the analogue culture is not dead, to show people that analogue is present in their lives regardless of what they may think; and the most important, we are here to promote analogue photography and its new artists, the ones who keep it alive, the ones who keep us alive.


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