Mr. Jose


“It was an amazing sunny day I think the key moment was having an amazing golden hour light at some point of the day”


Since Stonewall 1969 the Gay Pride is quite an event. Mr. José presents “Glitter in the air”,  a series of photographs that shows the bright and diverse world of Brighton’s Gay Pride. 

Being human implies being different to one another, people are different by definition and being part of a Gay Pride means celebrating diversity. High heels, feathers, denim, leather, stockings, brocades, tulles, colossal wigs, stunning makeups, velvet gloves and even a crutch are just some of the elements in the narrative of this event. People feel free of being themselves, and we can perceive it at first sight: the vibrant colorful atmosphere that surrounds all the scenes, the sunlight across the dresses and the shadow they project, the passional gazes, the spontaneous poses, the frantic movements, all in perfect unison.


“People really let me get into their love moments showing me interesting expressions”


Queens and kings and more queens meet each other in a catarsis of the extraordinary. The so-called freaks become what they are, humans, normality flows among the crowd, everyone is happy to support a cause that involves so much. It doesn’t matter what or who we love, the only thing that matters is that we can love. We, humans.

photographyMiguel Rózpide