Elena Rubtso


When fashion met streetstyle friendship. Elena Rubtso strikes again, she has managed to link two of the biggest topics of photography. 


Throughout her photographs one can see many different fashion styles, colors, textures, people and emotions. All put together in a collection of snapshots that gives us an approach of her private life, her friends and her special way of taking photos. 

One of the most outstanding features of Elena’s pictures is how she depicts the attitude, in a way we can almost feel and interpret the look in somebody’s eyes. This power to convey relies on the fact that the photos are taken without a premeditated idea: anyone can perceive the instant, the complex simplicity of capturing what the photographer is watching at the moment.

The skin is strongly highlighted. Nudity is present and it is used thoroughly in order to emphasize the different skin colors, to outline the outfits and even to give a clue of her friend’s personalities. Accordingly, the flash is cleverly utilized in order to stand out what we have said before.

Nightlife pictures play a significant role throughout the series. Paris is the perfect stage for good performers, and so we can see it on every image. Everyone is striking a spontaneous pose, they act as they are, and they pose as they act.

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