Mar Suárez


At first sight, we can notice an almost static background, but a process at the forefront. This process involves the woman, mother of nature, being gradually covered with different vegetal parts.

“We have to bear in mind that the concept of landscape is not natural itself, but a human product result of a cultured individual who turns nature into an object.”

This is the reflection that Mar Suárez makes while presenting this more than interesting work. She perfectly blends cold colours with the model undaunted body position and again that progressive landscape being formed and transformed on her.

Suárez wants to depict “nature as a supreme human product: the fruits, branches and leaves as synthetic objects”. What once was natural is not anymore. We are before the objectification of the most basic and natural. How could we, humans, product of nature, produce something like nature itself?


“There is a property in the horizon which no man has but he whose eye can integrate all the parts, that is, the poet.”

                                            — R.W. Emerson

Model: Carla Souto

Quotes by: María Serrano