Our Days of Gold


Who is behind 'Our Days of Gold'? Is a he or a she? Does it really matter? 

This intriguing and interesting series is more than a random collection of photographs. According to its secret author, “'Our Days of Gold' is an archive of film photography recording images, making a collaboration between a group of friends and family”. The fact that the photographer had chosen his or her own friends, dogs and family reveals some intimacy that is undoubtedly obvious throughout the series. The characters of this idyllic story never look right at the camera as if they were creating a new dimension, a bucolic atmosphere where melancholy seems to play a role.


“The images were shot over a period of years and depict the same small group of characters oscillating between candid everyday life activities and improvised performances transporting them into a dream like world.”

As we look on the pictures, we can think that some of them depict a wedding: the garments, the place, the veil… Nevertheless, the truth is quite different: “the 'veil' was an umbrella frame transformed into a mosquito net. There were a lot of mosquitos around and this was a good way to traverse the garden without being bitten.”

This evocative power can even lead us to see a resemblance to what might be a modern Birth of Venus in this picture, her long hair, her pallid skin, the shell-like plant and even the shape of her face isreally alike to Botticelli’s goddess. 

Finally, we can notice some double exposures that contrast with the strong colours of the other photographs, somehow another kind of veil. Furthermore, as it happened before with the umbrella veil, this new veil is as accidental as the other one:

“The series of photographs features some accidental double exposures. The film roll was first shot on a Summer evening in 2004. Then it was used again during a meal at a seaside restaurant the following Winter.”


This was 'Our Days of Gold', by who?