Dina Oganova


On the 26th of December 1991 the Supreme Council made a decision about, the Soviet Union's collapse. As a result of this, the Soviet Union's 15 republics, including Georgia appeared to be independent. 
Georgia... New generation.
This is the first generation that was born in the late years of the Soviet Union and raised up in the independent Georgia.
This is the generation that is on the crossroads of two centuries, the generation that fights against the environment, which is trying to limit them.
This is a generation that is seeking for the freedom -  for the real freedom.



You should exist only for reading, only for art and you should be a creator artist if you want to live in Batumi in winter. There is no city where you can give and share emotions, to convey the opposite. I grew up very difficult, so childish life as it is presented in a colorful world of the living for others, and that you will regret why you grew up, I was rather glad that I grew up, because I did not have a childhood. I grew up in a difficult family, maybe it was not a real family. I grew up with stepmother. She was a hard person with psychological problems, which she was dumping on me. It was very hard for her to recognize me personally as a child not met me as a child... She adopted me just because to keep the family, but ineffectually... So you grow up like that having lot of traumas, a lot of pain, but still you find your happiness in something. I do not regret that it happened, if I had been to another family, now I could be I normal girl; but this has given me a lot of strength and I am very glad that I have got what was prepared for me. If you want to feel the power of love, you should start from the people who hurt you most; you have to love them. This is the first step. After that can start love people.



“Everything will disappear and everything is for sale – love, art, earth, me and you, especially me”. There are a lot of things I like in this city and the things I don’t like. Even though I keep wanting to go and leave everything behind there are still a lot that keeps me here and I keep living here. I like that you can buy things on the street, like flowers and books. It gives this special feeling to the city… What I don’t like most of all is it’s a cold city in terms of relationships. It’s somehow not united. Tbilisi should be smaller; there are too many kinds of people living here. Everything looks artificial, not only buildings - people in general. There is too much falseness around and the harshness comes from it too. Everybody is artificial around me and often I am too.


Rostom & Eteri

I live at home with my mother. My father passed away and he did not know how many years was my mom. He thought she was 13 years old; I accidentally got her birth certificate and founded that the difference was only 8 years. She still tries to hide age; she says: "I am as many old as you say." Rostom is a good guy, everyone loves him, but he annoyies me a bit and disobeys when I say go to sleep on time, or wake up early. There are many places he has to go – he’s altar server at church, teacher of art at school; has some business at the Institute of Manuscripts, and walks out of hungry all the time... He is very thin, eats little, this is my problem and I am concerned because of this. He is attentive child, we are friends, but not open to me… I do not know who he likes some one or not?! He likes world, people, all are good, but I don’t know who his heart is seeking for?! I am asking him, my son, before you will make some decision, let me know, introduce me her, to have my opinion, I would have liked her… But anyways his choice is most important and she would be for me like a daughter.



I wanted to become a dancer, because that character is what I can be strong and I liked it very much. Then I thought I would be a singer but had no skills for that. In childhood Tamo very jealous of me, trying to hurt me and mortify me... One day we were alone at home, others were at neighbors and Tamo told that she will give me something to eat, took the soap, cut half and forced me to taste it...She didn’t eat the second half. I had painting lessons and I was in love with my teacher. Difference in age was not so big, Iwas 16 and he 27. In the beginning we had normal relationship, we were drawing in classof 4 people, I don’t even know when he liked me... Once I came to painting class and he was not there, I was sitting and drawing, then he came and sit behind me and we started talking. I realized that we had much in common, he took my hand, we laughed and I kissed him...



I exist for myself, and not for this purpose that someone will interested in me. I waited every summer, dreamed when we will go to Moscow. I've anyway spent all summers there. We have fight all the time with the brother, because of a place to an illuminator in plane. And it was a shame for mother with people because of us that we almost killed each other. Russia has different culture and these Georgian children for them were noisy and disorder types. What kind of artist I am, I haven’t held a brush in hands so long time... I was very perspective girl, since childhood I was drawing and all the time dreamed of art academy... Finally when got there, all my dreams were failed. The art academy was different world for me, here, where can study only best, really talented people. And I thought that there should be students who became famous and popular for centuries. When I went there and saw what mentally retarded people exists there I have realized that I have got wrong address. I hated school from first till the eleventh classes, without intervals. I beat each my schoolmate boys. Georgia, is the country where I was born, grew up, where I live and from where I am not going to go anywhere. And because my roots here – this is the country where I will always return.



I became miss smile. I remember this only because I didn´t have any teeth at that time.
I am very happy that I was born in Georgia… 90ies are beautiful but I always wanted to live in the time when there were no television, no phone, no internet. I would like to be born in Georgia in 18th or 19th centuries. It would have been nice to write to your close ones a letter and to wait for a reply. Now you write on Facebook and immediately get a reply.
I like “Midnight in Paris” very much. I think I am the main character.



I was preparing myself to become a priest from the time I was a child. I even went to orthodox school for 2 years. It was then, that this kind of information became available to me because when you are young you do not pay attention to those kinds of things. Of course it makes you uneasy and you think that on the whole entire planet, you are unique with that kind of “problem.” Really weird stuff comes to your mind: I wish I wasn’t born like this… I won’t be like this starting from tomorrow… When I recall this, it still makes me laugh. Literature helped me a lot. My family would not have been able to help me because they did not have any information themselves. School… well neither did the school.
I had my first kiss with my classmate, a girl I loved like crazy until my 7th school year. Her brother even beat me up because of this, but when I think of it… It wasn’t, because I wanted to do so. It was more because I wanted to behave like all the others. Everyone had a girlfriend and I wanted to have one too. I even had an idea of what a successful man was. Everyone is told: When you grow up you will go to a university, you will get married and have children. And this is happiness, this is the Georgian dream.
I was about 18-19 years old when I told my family members: “I’m not like you and I will never be like you wanted me to be. Promise me that you will love me just as you used to regardless of what happens…” “Mother, father, I am gay!”


Qeta &Luka

It all started with a theater. My life is one big theater too. When I’m off, I do plays at home, I always come up with these things.. I never believed in love at first sight but it really happened. The curtain went down and I came out from behind the scene; she had come with a friend, I knew I liked her as soon as I saw her. I don’t know why I came up to my friend and told her: “we are going to go get a drink”. So we went. I could feel that Keta liked me too. I did not get in touch with her for six months after that, I don’t know why we did not speak for six months but after six months I texted her: “I remember you” and we met… we met and met. At first I thought was not a kid. I did not like to play, did not really like to be around other kids and if some of the kids visited me one thing I thought was “I hope they don’t make a mess”. I had my own small world. Luka is a part of my life, no matter how banal it sounds, he is not just a person, he is my life, like every day when I wake up I know that my life is connected to this person till the end of it professionally and in simple things like when I put a kettle of water to boil for tea – I know there has be enough water in it at least for two cups.


Text by Dina Oganova

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