Luis Rojas


South America is the chosen location for this fashion editorial, a place that seems to be stuck in a past time. Luis Rojas combines the streets of Santiago de Chile and neo-Renaissance fashion looks perfectly. He takes advantage of the daylight and the evolution of light during the passage of the day. 


“Both Renaissance and contemporary elements recreate a particular aesthetic and a strong empowerment within that timeless space, where everything gets along until the sundown”.

She is Aurora, the perfect character to depict the idea of her creator. Staring at her we can feel the winter sun touching her skin, we can feel the emotion she conveys while wearing such powerful colors, shapes and volumes. She is not playing the role of a Renaissance woman in the 21st century, she actually is one. 

It is amazing how different fashion styles can be mixed and changed and modified in order to create something new out of the so-called “démodé”. In some way old fashioned styles are put together in order to be in vogue, what is fashion but a constant renovation?


Photography: Luis Rojas /  @Luistache

Art Direction: Luis Rojas  & Mima Zamall / @Luistache - @mimazamall

Stylist: Mima Zamall /  @mimazamall

Make up & hair: Camila Huerta / @musa_de_lirio

Model: Xime Gigogne / @ximeg

Clothing: Makinita de Coser / @makinitadecoser

Accesories: Tienda Aji / @tienda_aji

                    Lentes Retrovisión /  @retrovision_

                    Zapatos: Cuarentatacos /  @cuarentatacos_zapatos

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